Cocksucking Is What I Crave

Cock sucking is my favorite pastime, I seem to be begging for it full time these days.  I can’t get enough cock, and sometimes I worry that it might want to suck cock too much.  I just can’t help it, cock makes my mouth water and if I don’t have it then I pout just enough to get noticed, but not too much because I don’t want to be in bad trouble.  The morning time is my favorite cock worshiping time because the cock is extremely hard and there is an entire nights worth of cum just sitting in the balls that I can’t wait to taste.  I patiently wait as shaving the face takes precedence over any desires I may have.  When the shaving is completed then I am given permission to take the cock in my mouth and suck it properly as I run my hand down the balls while gently squeezing, almost milking them in my actions.  I start slowly but I am so excited I can’t contain myself.  I speed up and begin thrusting my head harder and harder into the pelvis and finally I put my finger on my clit and masturbate as the sweetest hot load of cum goes down my throat.  I smile and enjoy another excellent morning of cock worshiping because later I won’t have the chance to worship the cock because he will be pounding himself into my pussy and ass over and over again.

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