What A Visit!!!

When I opened the door and saw her standing there my pussy was instantly drenched. I hadn’t seen her since she lived with us and she and my daughter were sleeping together with me watching and sometimes joining in. She gave me that winning smile and a huge hug that brought back memories of long nights with her my daughter and I laying naked in bed enjoying the feel of each others lips and hands. When she came in I instantly wanted to take her young hot body into my bed and lick every inch of her.
Aubree had come a long way to visit and she was planning on staying for a bit. We shared a drink and started talking to catch up on old times. She has developed into a young lady that knows what she wants and knows how to get it. As she started telling me of her prowess with the men and her ability to manipulate them and get just what she wanted and needed, it just made me want her more.
Eventually we ended up sharing my bed and while she is here we plan on sharing a few young studs and working them over.
As I close my eyes with her soft body in my arms I smile to myself knowing that this is going to be a great visit.

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