Club Night

I met him in the club last night, he had no idea that I was anything other than 100% woman. Really why would he? I am beautiful and even though it is difficult to hide my 12 inch cock under my dresses, I manage to hide it quite well. He was really drunk by the time we stumbled back to my place so I knew it would be easy to take whatever I wanted from him, not to mention, I was really excited to see the look on his face when he found out that I had a cock. As soon as we got in the house he was all over me and he had my dress off in seconds, you can imagine his surprise when he went to pull off my panties and found my rock hard dick staring him in the face! He was shocked but he didn’t back away he just stared at my cock like he had never seen one before and then finally reached out to touch it gently. He told me he had never seen such a big cock before as he sank to his knees and tried his best to swallow every inch. His mouth felt incredible on my cock, for a straight guy he really knew how to suck dick right! He got me so excited I just had to fuck him so I pulled his clothes off and bent him over the bed. He fucking LOVED my cock in his ass, this was definitely NOT his first time getting fucked like this! We fucked for hours and it was incredible, I think I have found a keeper this time!

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