Little Sasha with her two Uncles

I was so thrilled to go hang out with my uncles during a football game at their place. I got to drink beer with them and take turns sitting on their laps while giving them bunches of kisses. *giggles* They just love hugging me and giving sweet spankings on my lil’ booty during the game. After we finished watching the football game was over and they drank all the beer, they started to tickle me and play with my hair. Before I know it, they pulled out their candy sticks at the same time and asked me to taste them both to find out which one was yummier. *giggles* So there I was on my knees with both candy sticks in my hands, taking turns tasting. WOW!!! I just really can’t decide which is the best one. *giggles* Even after they squirted their candy goo in my mouth , I still couldn’t pick the best one. But I can tell you that both of my uncle’s hard candy stick give the best sweet candy goo ever! Yummy in my tummy! *giggles*

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