My Christmas Tree was brought to me in my Christmas Present!

Tranny Phone SexAs you may know i have been hanging out with Jake a lot lately, just thinking of him makes my huge cock hard. He loves my cock as much or maybe even more than I do if you can believe that! He called me today and said he was on his way over with my Christmas presents. I told him he didn’t need to get me anything and I felt really bad because I had not gotten him a present. He called me and said he was on his way and I got really excited, I couldn’t imagine what he would get me for Christmas and my curiosity was peaked to the max!

In about twenty minutes he showed up at my door with the most beautifully decorated Christmas tree I had ever seen. Once he brought the tree in and placed it in my living room he ran back out to his truck and brought in a huge stack of presents. As we sat there; with him watching me open present after present with his big silly smile he always gets when he sees I’m happy.  He got me some of the cutest panty and bra sets and several really cute nighties. After all the packages were opened he said wait there is one more but you have to come outside and see it! It was this beautiful red vintage truck!

I told Jake I felt so bad and he had gotten me such beautiful and expensive gifts and I had nothing to give him. Again, he got that same silly little smile on his face and said, oh yes you do and it the best present a guy could get, that huge cock of yours! He took me by the hand and we went upstairs and laid on the bed in the 69 position and licked and sucked, and teased each others cocks until we both shot or loads of cum down each others throat, what a great Christmas it turned out to be!

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