WTF Did They Spike the Eggnog with?

Submissive Phone SexLast night my husband and I threw a little Christmas Eve Party for some of his friends and co-workers. I spent the day cleaning, and making snack and party trays, made sure we had plenty of booze and mixes for drinks and made my very special homemade eggnog. I was looking forward to the evening while I was showering and putting on my prettiest red dress.

I couldn’t wait for eight o’clock to get here because that is when our guests would be arriving. I wanted my husband to be so proud of the party I put together and how beautiful I looked when he got home. Finally it was eight o’clock and many guests had already shown up and more friends kept coming.

I think there were twenty or so guests. I was running around making sure everyone had a drink and plenty to eat. I love my homemade eggnog so I was drinking that, one cup after the other, I always put a little rum in it but I was getting really drunk and loopy very early on, this was strange. Before long my clothes were off and I was on the bed with my husband watching over me from his chair as these men were brutally fucking me. Shoving their cocks in my mouth, I had three cocks in my mouth at one time! I must have passed out, because next thing I know its morning and I feel like shit and it is Christmas Day! What the fuck did they spike the eggnog with?

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