Christmas Surprise

Well I love a good surprise! And I give as well as I receive! I was planning a special night with a big hunk of a man! He had NO idea what he was in for! I dressed in my sluttiest outfit. I teased him all thru our dinner. I just couldn’t wait to show him my special surprise! I was so excited I could barely hide it! I finally got him home and started my strip tease. Slowly stripping out of my clothes. Teasing him as much as possible. When I was down to my little panties and nothing else. I was preparing for the big reveal. When my big man lets out a surprised OMG. And says… “I have the same panties!”. We both stood there looking at each other. He turned beet red. I guess he had let his surprise out first! I laughed and pulled my panties down. He was so fast to get on his knees and suck my big black cock! I guess we both got a special Christmas Surprise this year!

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