Our Christmas Gift

hot phonesex alanzaEvery year we all pool our money and buy a gift that we can all enjoy. One year it was a pool table anther year we got an above ground pool, another year we got a vacuum table, you get the idea. But this year we out did ourselves I think. The guys are setting it up now and we are about to play big time!
My pussy is wet just waiting to get in on this. We bought a sex swing and we are going to have a contest to see how many different positions and things we can do with it from now until Christmas.
I personally have several ideas that I want to try out already in mind and talking to the others they have some pretty hot ideas too.
I hope the fellas hurry up because we are all ready to get this party started and get to fucking non stop. We are going to fuck this shit up, literally. This is going to be the best, and wettest Christmas ever!

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