Caught Trying to Sneak a Peek!

Tranny Phone SexYesterday my friend and I checked into a hotel out of town for a car show we plan to attend on Friday, we wanted to get there early and check out the cars as they came into town. We love doing this and every change we get we sneak into one of the vintage cars or trucks just for the thrill of getting each other off and hoping we draw a crowd while doing this. Its so fucking exciting to cum with an audience Not sure why this turns me on so much but it really does so I do it every chance I get, I know I love car shows, I think this is just a huge perk for me when I’m at a show.

We got there fairly early in the morning and not long after we checked into our room on the second floor we proceeded to get unpacked and settled in so we could head out and get an early breakfast then head down to where the car show was being held. While unpacking I heard some noises and I was sure that who ever was in the room below us was getting in on with a morning fuck. I couldn’t resist, I had to go check it out to see what I could see. It’s turns me on to be watched while fucking, but it excites me to watch others too!

So I went downstairs to a little patio area and climbed up on this little block wall to see if there was a window behind this palm tree that I could peek into. There was and it was slightly open, just enough I could tell it was a storage room of some type and there was a couple in there just fucking their brains out, she was such a loud moaner that I got so fucking turned on and my cock started protruding out of my thong! Then I heard someone from behind me say, can I help you? I turned around and told him he sure could, I had a rock hard ten inch cock that needed to be relieved and he could help by giving me a blow job! He got pissed off and walked away so I had no choice but to return to my room and fuck the shit outta my friends tight little ass before we could go have our breakfast. This is going to be one hell of a car show, its already off to a great start!

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