Some Hints From Me To You

My big brother always has a long line of sluts just waiting for him to take them out on a date. He’s a really sexy guy and he knows just how to please a juicy wet pussy (he’s been practicing with mine for years!) Anyway, he goes out with so many different types of girls so when he cums home he usually has some stories and advice for his lil sis! He’s told me about girls that talk way too much and he said that if I ever go out with a guy and I hear my voice more than I hear his..chances are he’ll probably just be imagining stuffing my little chatter box with his cock. He also taught me that guys like a girl that is smart and independent, but still knows her place. Lucky for me, he’s already taught me what my place is, so I don’t think I’ll have any issues with that! From him I learned that if I really like the guy, the chemistry is sparking, and I want to show him how much I appreciate him…my sweet little mouth wrapping around his cock, sucking and licking his balls will be just the thing! Most of all, though, my brother taught me that if sucking on that thick hard dick doesn’t make my pussy¬† tingle the way it does when his cock is jammed down my throat – then I may as well not waste my time because I’ll always have my brother to help me out!

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