Buzz Me

I went shopping in search of a more compact way of carrying things. It seems I am always on the go and I needed to simplify things.
When I found these wonderful pair of underwear. They are practical and pink and so pretty. Now I am sure at this point you are wondering how in the world underwear would help me out. How could they help me simplify carrying things?
Well don’t you worry it not only helps me but keeps my twat soaking wet. Stay with me and I will make it all crystal clear for you. And hopefully you will be buzzing me soon.
These wonderful panties hold my cell phone and it sits right in front of my pussy, right on my clit. I have kept my phone on vibrate for two days now and every time I get a call I cum before I answer the phone.
What could be better? Nothing! So call me when you get a chance and make me cum in my pretty new panties!

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