It’s Portable!

I think I lost my vibrator. Poor little Wendy. 🙁 I love to feel the buzz tickle me inside and out. It had three different speeds and each one would tense up my tiny body while I squirt over and over again! Don’t get me wrong, my fingers work wonders on my little clitty, but those vibrating pulses of heaven really get the job done. I couldn’t think of what to do without it! Would I really have to go a whole night with about my battery operated bff to send shivers down my back? Then I remembered…I have a fancy new cell phone with a super convenient vibrate setting. That tiny handheld computer is the next best thing! I set the buzz on that baby and went to town. Almost instantly, my eyes rolled in the back of my head and my teeny body started to shake all over. I lost all control and thought I might die it felt so good! The best part about this new toy is I can take it anywhere! *giggles*

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