Boy Toy

Mommy generally likes her boys young. However I do have a sugar daddy or two that I keep just for special occasions. One of my sugar daddy’s brought his son to dinner last night who is visiting for the weekend from college. We had a wonderful dinner and enjoyed a few glasses of wine by the fire place after the little ones were tucked in. At the end of the night when we said our good byes I whispered an invitation in the ear of this gorgeous young stud to return tonight for some real fun. I was taking a chance, what if he told his dad? What if he didn’t come?

About and hour later the door bell rang and sure enough there he was in all his glory! i didn’t want to waste any time and began the seduction before the first glass of wine was finished. I had so much fun seducing and teasing him, undressing him slowly, licking and kissing every inch of his fine body, spending extra time and attention on his gorgeous ass and huge dick. By the time I let him near my sweet honey pot I had already driven him mad.

Of course as soon as he left I had to go upstairs and wake the boy and get some of what mommy’s really need. Poor dear is going to be so tired at school tomorrow because mommy wore him out more then usual last night.

I know you love it when I satisfy your need for mommy phone sex. Wouldn’t you love to get me all worked up for my boy? If your really good I will let you watch. And if you really make me happy, I might let you share my girlie’s puddy with me….mmmmm. How much fun would that be? Hope to see you at dinner soon!



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