Piss on my Parade

Ever wanted to give a sexy little mixed slut like me a golden shower? Never had the guts to ask or try it? Well no need to ask with me baby, you can squirt out all of that warm yellow sausage juice anywhere you want to on me!¬†There are so many places on my tight little body that you could splash it on. How about right down the crack of my caramel colored ass and in my tiny shithole right before you fuck it with your thick corndog? Oohh Daddy I know you want to. I know you want to see that piss splash down my throat and trickle down the sides of my little lips and chin. Just make my entire body, wet, shiny and slippery with all of your tasty dick juice! I’ll suck it squeaky clean with my mouth to get it nice and hard before you pound my sweet swirly teen pussy. Leave me covered with piss and cum and make me wash it off just to do it all over again! {{giggles}} Call now for some young, hot and splashy pissing phone sex!

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