Corporate Benifits

I love working in this big corporate office. Secretary’s generally don’t have access to the sauna and exercise room but my boss is so generous he lets me use his pass card.

Today I got brave and decided to indulge myself in some satisfying masturbation. Secretly I was hoping one of the execs would stroll in and we could have had some real fun…but alas it was not meant to be.

I did have fun and it was very exciting being in the sauna all by myself and the rush of the thrill of discovery. The warm, damp air on my naked body while sweat slowly formed on every inch of me. My nipples getting harder and harder as I played with them and pinched them, slowly daring to slide my hand between my legs and rub my clit until it was swollen and aching and my pussy began to throb wanting to be pumped hard. I had to fuck myself and if someone had walked in it, it would have been to late because desire had taken over common sense.

Now that you know what I do in there, won’t you meet me next time and help a girl out? Or better yet, hide and watch while stroking your huge cock until you can’t help but show your self and satisfy us both.

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