booty fun

Hey there! 🙂 Have you ever had an itchy booty hole that made you feel like you wanted to stick your hand inside to scratch it ? ^giggles^ Well yes, I have. My mommy told me it was nasty to dig into your booty but one day my booty itch and I just could not leave it alone. ^giggles^ So I first started out sticking my fingers in my panty to my damp booty hole and rubbed it really good. It felt so good that it slipped right in. ^giggles^ 😛 I was surprised that my stink hole was that open so I got curious and place all of my hand in there. Oh yay! That was feeling really good in there that I could feel how gooey I was making myself. Now I don’t think Mommy knows what she is missing out on because it feel great. ^giggles^ 😉

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