So Flexible

For a mommy I am so flexible. I love this position because you can bury your big, hard cock deep in my hot, wet cunt. And best of all you can be my dog in a tub, shoving your huge balls deep in my ass when you shoot your load. I really love to having balls shoved up my ass baby.

As much as I love fucking little ones and watching you fuck little ones for me, every once in a while I need a real man that can give me what they can’t.  Being a P mommy sometimes means I need you to fuck me and help me show them new and interesting things. I can’t teach them everything myself. Won’t you come over and help me teach the young ones all about some of the really fun fetishes we know? Maybe you could dress like a baby for me. Would you wear a diaper and breast feed for me while we show them how big people like to have good old family fun?

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