sitting on the baby

So we all heard of the word “babysitting” and I think I know they came up with that name. *giggles* I say that only because of what happened a few nights ago this little, cutie. He is still learning how to go pee pee in the potty so that is why I am there to take care of him while his parents are away for the night. Well, that little guy still drinks from the bottle but his parents forgot to leave me some milk for him. Oh no baby, don’t cry! I just couldn’t get him to stop his boo-hooing since there was nothing for him to suck on while he drank. So I had an idea and I hope this will work. I laid him down on the sofa and took off my pants as well as my panty. Then I started to squat down on to his mouthing lips in between my legs right up to my cunny lips. Placing my fingers on my cunny slit to spread wide to show him my little kitty nub, quickly started sucking on it. It was feeling amazing until I realized I had to go pee pee. I tried to get up but he wouldn’t let me. So I just started to pee slowly and he love it so much that he drank every last drop. That was just so much fun and now I understand why it’s important to sit on the baby. *giggles* Now I get where they came up with the name “babysitting” and why I make the best babysitter ever. I love babysitting! 😉 *giggles*

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