Taste The Rainbow

You think skittles are a sweet and fruity candy? You haven’t tasty this luscious, juicy pussy of mine. That is why I got my rainbow tat right over my pussy lips that will take you to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. My lips are pink and puffy and oh so juicy. Work me just right and I will squirt just like one of those sweet, fruity, juicy liquid filled candies. Exploding in your mouth and filling it with the creamiest cum you have ever swallowed. And look at these huge, tantalizing double J sized tits. Nipples standing at attention waiting for you to take one in your mouth while I lift the other to my lips. I stick my tongue out and flick it over that huge nipple while you suck the other one. Big, soft mounds of flesh. You watch as I pour scented oil down the middle of them, pushing them together to form a slit that is calling to you. Your dick aching to bury itself deep in between the warmth of their folds. You slide in and push in and out, pinching my nipples while I push my two mounds together forming a tight, wet spot for you to fuck. I lick your mushroom head each time you thrust deep and hard. Flicking my tongue on the head like it was on my nipple. The sensation is driving you crazy as you thrust harder, deeper, faster. My tongue not missing one stroke. I look up at you and reach under my tit with¬† my arm, grabbing my left tit with my right hand and freeing my left hand, You keep going harder, faster. I bring the fingers of my left hand up to my mouth and suck them in between your thrusts, imitating sucking your cock. It is driving you wild. I hear your breathing and I take my moist fingers and shove them up your ass as you come. Barely giving you time to recover before shoving your face down and into my cunt screaming “TASTE THE RAINBOW!!!”

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