If I were a boy …

If I were a boy … I would get up for my day. Act how I wanted and would not think twice about it. I would chase after hos and who knows where that may go. Driving around town and looking at those sissy sluts. Thinking I am going to get me some so I pick one up on the corner and take for an all nighter … just because I know I can. To the hotel we go, and she already knows that  I am going to be balls deep. Because if I were a boy, she wouldn’t question me. Oh, no! Since she knows how I want it and gets on her sissy knees and sucks! There is no need for words because when I want it, I just take it without any care in the world. Because if I were a boy, all I would do is bend her over and then fuck her until I drop my load. Then when I would be done with her, she would be just a nasty cum dumpster!

Dedicated to my slutty fuck whore, Claudia!

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