PRINCESS PARIS laughs at sissy

I am chilling at my house and like so bored out of my fucking mind. Then my phone rings and I answer it … Hey sissy poo! LOL! I am so glad you decided to come over and keep me company. I am so beyond bored and I know I can always count on you for a good laugh. LOL! I know how much you just adore and worship your Princess Paris. Like OMG! I really love it when you confess all of you freaky sissy girl fantasy so that you I am amused with your pansy ass that wears your mommy’s or wifey’s lacy panties and bra. LOL! Like you are so funny and I so don’t me you are funny where I laugh with you BUT I so fucking laugh AT you! LOL! I love how you show and tell me all about your clitty sized baby carrot your are packing in those silky girley panties you wear. LOL! Oh what fun we will have tonight sissy so don’t forget to bring over all of your sissy things I told you to buy so I can turn you into a pretty lil dolly pet.

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