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It has been quite some time since I have really taken on calls or new clients. I have gotten a little bored and am intrigued by what kind of new submissive’s might be out there to use and abuse. Perhaps abuse is not the proper terminology being really all I do is whatever happens to entertain me at that moment.
If you see me available by all means go ahead and give me a call. Quite often I have a waiting line but you might actually get lucky. No point in sending me an email until after you have called and done a session with me. I have no intentions of letting anybody waste my time writing emails when you haven’t even shown me the respect I deserve yet by calling and paying for a session. Yes, even my real-life sissies have to pay. Any mistress that participates in ownership without financial compensation really is not in control of anything, now is she?
Before you call, though, let’s establish one rule. Whether you are naturally a sissy or not or whether you are submissive at all or not the only appropriate name to call me is Mistress Levi. Never is it okay to just call me Levi. Simply calling me ma’am is not okay either. Do I look like your mother? If it tickles your fancy the only appropriate alternative is you could call me Goddess.
This is not just a role-play or a job for me. I own the company. I choose to take calls for my own pleasure. Now I’m not saying that I might not find some pleasure out of a call that is not sissy related or that is not me as the Dominant. What I am saying though, I am not just some dirty slut that is okay with being disrespected. There are plenty of “do it all whores” For you to choose from. Feel free to swipe right or left. 🙂

sissy phone sex

Happy New Year!

I wonder if our little poopie pansie sissy fairy fag site mascot here can bring us some good luck for 2014?  She is such a loser it is highly unlikely I suppose.

How big of a loser is she you might ask?  Well our very last conversation before New Years Eve she was begging and pleading to be able to poop her panties for me and then scooped her stinky sissy poop out of her panties and rubbed it all over here teenie little weenie until she made a big messy squirty squirt.  I would say that is pretty damn pathetic.

While real men are wanting to get laid for New Years eve or wanting to party and celebrate she has no bigger desire in the world than to rub her winky with her own stinky poop.



With that being said  let me move on to more important things than some wimpy worthless sissy of mine.

To all of the fabulous perverts who have made FuckaliciousFreaks and our other sites so incredibly successful this past year I thank you personally.  Without you guys having horny hard cocks and dirty fantasies needing to be satisfied we are nothing.  Happy New Year and we look forward to serving you up lots of fuckalicious orgasms in 2014!

Sissy phone sex with Goddess Levi

I probably get a half dozen or so emails or yahoo messages a week from new subbies wanting to know how it is they can get a call appointment with me being I am never available. Any sissy can email me or message me on yahoo and get a call appointment that is convenient for me but I think I want to clue you all girls in on what serving me means. Let me give you an example of how controlling of a Goddess I really am. Now don’t get me wrong I am very kind and as my real life sissy calls me “benevolent” . However when I give you an order I mean business. Let me tell you about what I have done to our house sissy mascot today.

She went on vacation with her family a couple weeks ago and was instructed that she must call me every single day for just 5 quick minutes. She missed 2 days. So she has to be punished. Well I also arbitrarily decided she needed to be punished just because as her Mistress that is my right. So her punishment today is to go out to her local mall in the community she lives in with her wife and brats, and go to the mall kiosk and get new pretty pink sparkly baby starter earrings put in her ears as a second set of holes. Now that might not sound like much of a punishment for a little fruity sissy but with her line of work and family not accepting that it was a HUGE punishment. Then after that she was instructed to go to a scheduled appointment to visit a tranny and suck a big 8 inch tranny weiner for the first time. While my sissy is feminine she is not a fag (actually) and has never had any sexual relations with a cock in her lifetime even though she has been a crossdresser for over 40 years. So making her suck a cock is a huge punishment.

So I did offer her a safety net in case she was really adamant about not wanting to suck a cock that she could pay $2000.00 CASH to me instead as her punishment. Now I wonder if by midnight tonight I will have $2000.00 cash in my pocket or if I will have pictures as proof of her sucking a tranny weiner? Now I am sure at this point you are asking yourself why would she do what I tell her to do? I mean what could I do to her if she didn’t. Simple answer to that, actually. If she doesn’t do what I tell her to do I will have all of our sexy phone sex girls here at my company blog about her with her real name in the blogs and ruin her on Google. That means any one searching her name on Google would find out what a loser little piggy she is. Now of course I don’t handle my phone sex sissies quite so strictly , this sissy is my real life sissy. However this should give you a clue how serious I take my domination. I am sexy, sweet and sensual. I am not cruel. However I do require complete obedience. You should ask yourself if you are up to that challenge before arranging a call with me. 🙂

Now I personally believe my sissy is going to pay up and oink and squeal like a good paypiggy sissy should.  So now just to decide what I shall spend the $2k on.  I think I am going to keep part of it just for my own enjoyment and the other part I think I am going to apply it towards the Fuckalicious Freaks employee vacation we have scheduled in September.  A bunch of us are getting together for a week at a beach house and I think our little sissy mascot is going to help pay for that, whether she wants to or not.  There is always the alternative of Google ruination.  🙂


Bitch in Charge ~~ Goddess Levi

Dear loser,

     I realize that you try to hold on to some semblance of dignity but the reality is you are not entitled to any.  I am not being facetious, just honest.  You know I am not a mean Mistress so there should be no doubt in your mind.  The reality is that you are who and what you are and that is a lowly sissy.  As a lowly sissy you deserve to be treated as such.

     So with that being said, and now that you are humbled as you should be, moving on.  You are a loser and we all know it, including you.  As a loser your job is to entertain me as if I am the one paying you for our time.  Yes you heard me right.  You are paying me, to entertain me.  Sucks to be you , doesn’t it?

     Now here is the clencher.  When you call me and pay me to allow you to entertain me; I am going to be the Mistress I want to be.  Don’t even remotely try to be a bottom-topper and tell me what you want me to say or do for your fantasies or to get you off.  I will take your suggestions in to consideration of what you enjoy but the end result is going to be me saying and doing what I want to say and do.  Are we clear, dear?

Your future addiction,

Goddess Levi


Yes already we have yet ANOTHER new site to our incredible selection of girls to choose from.   I know its only been like a month since we opened up our last new site but seems the word is out that we have the best pervs to play with and all the hottie phone sex girls want to work here.  🙂

I have been saying for years that I have the best job in the world, I get paid to cum!  These words ring true.  Here at WBMTT Inc we let our girls be themselves and I think that gives them an edge at being able to exceed your expectations.  There are no silly rules here in regards to what our girls can and will talk about.  This really is the epitome of NO LIMITS PHONE SEX!

So here we have our new site and there is a little bit of everything for you guys craving those young voices.  We have the teenie tiny barely legal phone sex teens all the way up to close to graduating college coed phone sex sluts.  That is a nice little age range for you guys to jack your dick with.  I fully expect this new site to be the best Ageplay phone sex site your cock has ever had the pleasure of jerkin to.  🙂

Incest phone sex! NEW SITE! FamilyDesiresPhoneSex.Com

I am so excited about all the nasty new girls we have on our new site FamilyDesiresPhoneSex.Com .  I mean who doesn’t love some dirty incest fun?  Now we are not just talking about the normal subpar phone sex site out there.  Nope we are talking about girls who SPECIALIZE in incest in general and in specific types of incest phone sex.

The site is full of tight little incest teens, boy cock loving momma’s, nasty sister’s, aunt’s…… keepin it in the family in every way!

Now I bet many of you guys are connoisseurs of hot phonesex because you have been calling sites for years and years.  I am striving to make sure our girls stand out in this dirty perverted industry we all love.  Any one can moan and grown on the phone but what we offer is WAY more than that.  I truly do try to find super creative girls to take care of your dirty fetish needs.


Brand new Site !!!

I am so excited to announce our new site FamilyDesiresPhoneSex.com .  This is a specialty site for incest phone sex, however there are lots of hot phonesex girls on there that are willing to fulfill all kinds of nasty cock draining fetish calls.  🙂  The site has a couple more tweeks needed on it but its close enough to completion that we just had to share our excitement with our fuckalicious pervs.

Goddess Levi owns you!

Cumdumpster Fagtoy!  Remember those words because that is your destiny.  More specifically, to be MY Cumdumpster Fagtoy!  Granted it might take some time for me to train you and break down your resistance.  However trust and believe in the fact that you will SUBMIT.  You can not possibly resist my charm.  I am a submissive trainer in every sense of the word.  I will caress your submissive side like a snake charmer, caressing your senses with my voice and weaving my web of control so strong you will never escape…

Sissy phone sex with Levi

Sissy phone sex is like a fine wine.  Whether I sip it or gulp it, still tastes delicious to me.  Your full attention on me, being a good sissy and entertaining me in whatever way I demand.  Knowing you are over there wishing you could be like me.  Wanting to be feminine and beautiful.  Wanting to prance around in girlie attire and look and feel like a woman.  Knowing that turns me on

I love being a woman, surely who can blame you for wanting the same thing?  Your destiny is to be my sissy property…..hot phonesex is just a means to the end.  You will belong to me in every way….. mentally , sexually and emotionally…prepare yourself to be owned!

HBIC Levi is back in town!

The HBIC is back from vacation.  Yes my little pretties I realize I was gone a long time.  While I will admit I missed my little sissy monsters, I needed the relaxation.  I did a lot of traveling and self pampering and now I am back feeling super invigorated and refreshed, and ready to get back to some serious sissy training.

Sissy phone sex is what I do, it is what I am.  I just love playing teasing little games with my flock of panty wearing girlies.  You prancing around with your little sissy package tucked between your legs and me laughing uncontrollably at the spectacle of it.  It is my destiny, and yours. 

Now remember my little pets my hot phonesex lines tend to be busy so if I don’t answer the first time give it a few minutes and try again.  I also highly recommend touching base  with me on yahoo before a call if you can.  You can find my yahoo button on my page lovelies….

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