Bitch in Charge ~~ Goddess Levi

Dear loser,

     I realize that you try to hold on to some semblance of dignity but the reality is you are not entitled to any.  I am not being facetious, just honest.  You know I am not a mean Mistress so there should be no doubt in your mind.  The reality is that you are who and what you are and that is a lowly sissy.  As a lowly sissy you deserve to be treated as such.

     So with that being said, and now that you are humbled as you should be, moving on.  You are a loser and we all know it, including you.  As a loser your job is to entertain me as if I am the one paying you for our time.  Yes you heard me right.  You are paying me, to entertain me.  Sucks to be you , doesn’t it?

     Now here is the clencher.  When you call me and pay me to allow you to entertain me; I am going to be the Mistress I want to be.  Don’t even remotely try to be a bottom-topper and tell me what you want me to say or do for your fantasies or to get you off.  I will take your suggestions in to consideration of what you enjoy but the end result is going to be me saying and doing what I want to say and do.  Are we clear, dear?

Your future addiction,

Goddess Levi

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