HBIC Levi is back in town!

The HBIC is back from vacation.  Yes my little pretties I realize I was gone a long time.  While I will admit I missed my little sissy monsters, I needed the relaxation.  I did a lot of traveling and self pampering and now I am back feeling super invigorated and refreshed, and ready to get back to some serious sissy training.

Sissy phone sex is what I do, it is what I am.  I just love playing teasing little games with my flock of panty wearing girlies.  You prancing around with your little sissy package tucked between your legs and me laughing uncontrollably at the spectacle of it.  It is my destiny, and yours. 

Now remember my little pets my hot phonesex lines tend to be busy so if I don’t answer the first time give it a few minutes and try again.  I also highly recommend touching base  with me on yahoo before a call if you can.  You can find my yahoo button on my page lovelies….

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