Caught And Anal Fucked By Uncle

The first time I experienced any BDSM was with my uncle. He caught me trying to sneak out, that is when he used my jump rope to tie me up. He raised my skirt and ripped my panties off. I spanked my bare bottom saying how he was going to show me what naughty bratt girls get. He rubbed his cock on my lips making me open my mouth up and suck on his smelly dick. He kept making me choke on it and it did something to my cunt. My pussy hole started pulsing and getting gooey.

Hardcore ass fucking

He got behind me and rubbed his fat dick on my clitty. Using my juices to rub his cock up and down to my asshole. My uncle grabbed my hips with on hand and then pushed his cock into my asshole. He let out a loud moan and started giving me hard anal sex pounding. He then started using his fingers to rub on my clitty and it send a shock through my body my cunt started squeezing and I came hard. Feeling my body shake from cuming drove my uncle over the edge. He filled my asshole up with a big load of thick semen. He popped his cock out of me and spread my cheeks staring at my creampie asshole, he told me to be a good girl or I would get more. I still get in trouble with my uncle and he gives me anal creampie punishments. 

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