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The Biggest cum shot I had ever seen came from my daddy. The first time I saw his big load shooting from his cock was on the night of my preteeny birthday. “You are getting to be a big girl now,” daddy said as he came onto my bed. “I know you felt how happy you made dad today” he said as he signaled towards his cock. That’s because for years I have felt daddy’s cock meat poke at me as I would sit on his lap or give him a hug. Then he pulled his cock meat out his pants and it was a foot long sausage.

Biggest cum shot

“Open your little mouth little daddy slut” he asked me to do. Like a good little princess, I opened my mouth. After rubbing his cock on my lip’s daddy pushed his cock right into it. As daddy fucked my mouth, he slid my panties off. “Daddy will show you what little daddy sluts are made for”. therefore, he got in between my legs and started rubbing his big cock meat on my Young bald pussy.

Daddy humped me fat and I could feel my clitty swelling up. “That’s it baby girl get wet for daddy” he moaned out. Then my body tightened up and my cunty started squirting. That is when my daddy kneeled up and his cock started shooting creamy white semen shooting all over my cunty, belly and tits. It even pooled in my belly button. I was drenched in his semen and daddy kissed my lips and told me I looked beautiful. He still gives me big shooting loads.

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