Biggest cum shot is on my sissy unc

My first Biggest cum shot I saw was from daddy into my uncle’s mouth. I have sucked daddy off many times. But I had never seen such a load. It was thick and so much of it. First it started with my unc sucking balls. What I noticed was my uncle had pink panties on. The way he sucked on my daddies’ balls made me think he had done this before. Then my daddy laid back and lifted his cock and balls. “Lick my asshole sissy bitch” my daddy demanded my sissy uncle to do.

That is when I watched my uncle’s tongue dive into my dad’s asshole. My tongue ate his ass so well my dad’s eyes were rolling to the back of his head. Seeing my daddy enjoying himself so much, made my cunty twitch. It reminds me of the look my daddy has when he is deep in my bald cunty. That is why I started to rub my clitty. “Filthy hoe, eat me” my daddy moaned out as he stroked his cock on my sissy uncle’s forehead. The pre-cum started dripping onto his forehead and I knew daddy was getting close.

Biggest cum shot

Every time that happens, I know my daddy is about to orgasm. All the while i was finger fucking my cunt. Then daddy looked up and our eyes locked, but he didn’t say a word. He just stood up and pushed my sissy uncle down to the ground. I watched as my daddy ripped my uncle’s pink panties off and slammed his cock in his sissy cunt.

Without breaking eye contact daddy fucked his sissy brother hard and fast. My cunty couldn’t take it anymore, my fingers were being clenched by my pussy walls as I started squirting. At the same time, I heard daddy say, “open your mouth”. Then I watched as he started spraying his sperm load in my sissy uncle’s mouth. It was such a big load my unc started choking. It was so hot to see, I want to see it again.

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