Alien Abduction

Submissive Phone SexSo Friday night my date for the weekend called and canceled because he is so sick with that awful flu that is going around. Friday night I spent with my Sybian, but Saturday night I was in the mood to put on my warm sweats and rent some movies, get some take out for dinner and just stay inside and keep warm. So that is exactly what I did, I got a few different movies because I wasn’t sure what I was in the mood for. I put in this romantic movie first and it was great, I watched it while I had my dinner. When the movie was over my pussy was wet but still sore from the over use of my Sybian so I thought my next movie should be something less romantic.

I put in the sci-fi movie about alien abductions and I fell asleep on the couch about half way through the movie. I woke up in the early morning hours just shaking and sweaty and very scared. I had this dream, one of those dreams that are so real that your really not sure if it truly happened or if it truly was just a crazy dream. In my dream I was abducted by aliens and they took me to a spaceship where they stripped me naked and place me on this table. I wasn’t tied down or anything yet I could not move or speak. I remember being very frightened and they were calming me down without speaking but I could hear them, and I could hear myself talking to them but my lips weren’t moving at all!

They were touching and probing me, using various strange looking instruments on me. I felt this rush of warmth and calm come over my body. I felt my nipples grow hard, my butt got all tingly and my pussy was quivering and getting wetter and wetter. Then one of the aliens asked another if he could make it happen now and he was told to make me linger a little longer. I could tell I was getting so excited and I really needed to cum but couldn’t. This went on for some time and it was pure torture. I guess they sensed that and the one alien said okay make it happen now. I came so hard that the cum literally shot across the room! The next thing I remember is waking up just shaking and sweaty and very scared and my pussy was soaking wet! Was this a dream or did it really happen to me? I’m going to say it had to be a dream and I think I better not watch anymore sci-fi movies.

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