50 Ways To Kill MY Lover

hot phonesex loverHow to do this the right way,
I need to do it today!
A crispy critter he could be,
Burning bright for all to see!
I could stab him between his eyes,
While he is between my thighs!
I might chop him into bits,
That would give me giggle fits!
I could make him watch his fate,
While with his knife I castrate!
I think some TNT might do,
I could blow him to tim buck two!
I might just hit him with my car,
And watch him fly away so far!
Or push him on the railroad track,
And watch the resulting big old smack!
Maybe I’ll buy a rattle snake,
And put it in his birthday cake!
I would love to see him get a jolt,
When hit by a lightening bolt!
I’d love to take a big old bat,
And bludgeon him to death with that!
It might take me several days,
But I can think of 50 ways!
It will bring me peace of mind,
A way to kill him I will find!
This is going to be fun,
Even if he tries to run!

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