Adult Phone Chat with Geneva

Before dinner with my parents, my boytoy gave me a sneaky little present. They looked like panties, felt like panties…but there was one little addition. He told me to put them on and wear them at dinner. They were so sexy, of course I would wear them! It was a pretty normal dinner, but a few minutes in I was talking and a shockwave pulsed through my body. I looked over at Darren and he had this sly look on his face and that’s when I knew they were very special panties indeed. I tried not to be too obvious, but I never knew when it was going to happen or for how long. My face was flushed, my nipples engorged and my new undies were soaking wet. I did not how much longer I could sit there before leaping over the table and fucking right there on the floor. I finally had to excuse myself to finish what Darren started. I wonder if my parents had any clue. Oh who am I kidding, she probably has a pair too!

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