Subby Pig Steph

I’m such an obedient little whore. I’ll take your cock anyway you want me to. The first time I submitted to a man during sex it drove me wild. I love to please my master in any way I can. Shove your big cock in any of my holes and forbid me to make a sound. Forbid me to get wet. Forbid me to do anything, I love it. You want me to get down on all fours and be your freaky little bitch? Yes sir. Keep this tight wet pussy in line. I won’t say no to you. I cant say no to my master. My little cunt is yours to control. If I have been a bad girl, punish me.

Spank me, tie me up, make me beg for your dick. Please master let me put my warm moist mouth on your cock. That will make this pretty little cunny so wet. I want to suck you dry. Blow your load all over my face. I promise I will be a good little girl. Please call me. Call me master and tell me what you want your naughty little slut to do for you!

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