Daddy loves my ASS

Daddy has always enjoyed his little girls ass. Sometimes I may act like I do not want my Daddy to bend me his knee and spank me. But, I love it when Daddy bends me over and gives me a real good ass spanking. I really love it when he pulls his rough hand all the way back and gives me a good swat right on my little ass till it turns bright red. Lately, Daddy has gotten real dirty now when he spanks me and my ass is nice and red he slowly slides his hands right between my ass cheeks and slides a finger right inside of my ass and finger fucks my ass as he spanks me harder and harder. He use to only use one finger at a time but lately he has been using two and three fingers and making sure that they are all the way up inside my asshole. Now, I got to Daddy all the time and ask him if he can please spank and finger my asshole till I am beet red. Daddy knows just how his little girl likes it.

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