Adult phone chat

Adult phone chatAdult phone chat is like a creamy fuck. Last weekend I got a call and it was Larry who I had gone to school with and hadn’t seen in years. I adored Larry and he was such a hot little fuck, even though he was a little younger than I was I still would fuck him under the bleachers on the football field. I was so excited he was calling me. He asked me out to a nice restaurant for dinner and I happily accepted. I couldn’t wait to see him, my pussy got wet just thinking about him. So I get dressed in this sexy little black outfit that shows off my big tits nicely and headed to the restaurant, I took a taxi because I was sure I would have a few too many drinks over dinner.

After dinner he invited me back to his place for another dink and to catch up on the good old days and said he would drive me home after. When we got to his place it was obvious to me he had done well for himself. Once inside we sat on the couch and it felt like we were in high school again, he ripped up my shirt then my skirt, only this time he bound my hands behind me and fucked me first in my wet little pussy so hard it hurt so good, then Larry titty fucked me and shot his cum all over my face. After that he raised my legs high into the air so he could fuck me in the ass. Once he shot his load his personality changed, He walked over called a taxi told me to put my act together, and said I could should wait outside for my ride.

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