The Christmas Present You Really Want

How stressful is this time of year for you? With all the shopping, the noise, the weather, the traffic, the family, and in all of that, where do you find time to take a moment for yourself?  You do not, do you?  I am here to tell you that you must.  You need to go someplace quiet and just relax.  Think about all the things that make you happy, think about your up coming Summer Holiday, it is actually right around the corner.  Think of sitting on the beach.  The warm sun hitting your body, how you have your sunglasses on so you can leer at all the sexy women who happen to walk by.  Now imagine that you see me, in the cabana a few yards down.  I am having someone put oil on me, my bikini top off, the fullness of my breasts exposed for all the world to see.  Then how I get up to reposition myself, and for a moment I am on all fours so the soft curvature of my ass can be seen.  Would you allow your mind to go to the next step?  Would you be brave enough to walk over, sit down next to me and introduce yourself? Would you send me a drink and wave as I sit up to accept your gift, or would you rather just sit there in the sun, watching me, saving all the delightful fantasies that are going through your head about the things we would do together until you got back to your hotel room where you could find some release?  Which would it be? 

Perhaps the Christmas Present you really want will not be found under the Tree this year.  Perhaps the present you want is a phone call away, and perhaps that present is me spending intimate time  with you in the sun on the beach.


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