Zetta’sMisletoe Surprise

I love the holidays especially when the holiday wine is flowing and the mistletoe is hanging all around. I am so feminine in my holiday dress I love it. I can see you love it too so I wait for you to walk under the doorway, sliding beside you for the traditional kiss under the mistletoe. My kisses are far from traditional as I slip my tongue in your mouth and our kiss turns into pure delight and a hot and heavy make out session. I can’t help teasing your hard cock and pull you into a spare room. I feel your hand slide over my ass and under my dress, inside my silk panties. Christmas Surprise! You unwrapped my package, my large, throbbing package that was tucked in my panties. You love a nice hard cock as much as I do. Play with your Christmas toy and have some Christmas joy. I know you would love my lady fingers opening your tight ass for a prostate massage that only a T-girl knows how to give. Like a Christmas miracle, you explode for me and give me my present.

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