Just for you Daddy

This one is for Daddy because he is so good to me and I miss him in my mouth and my cunny oh so much! <giggle> What I love most about Daddy is that he does absolutely anything for his little chocolate princess. He buys me nice presents and always knows just how to surprise me! Like when he came in naked while I was showering holding a wrapped gift in front of his pecker and smiling from ear to ear. I opened it in excitement and a pretty purple vibrator appeared! It was my very first sex toy and Daddy said that he was going to show me how to use it right then and there. He joined me in the shower and I got him wet and sudsy all over his body making sure his stiff sausage got nice and slippery. Daddy bent me over from behind and slid the vibrator right down the slit of my little cunny and onto my clit. It felt so good I instantly got nice and creamy! He pushed it in and out of me until I came all over it. Daddy fucked me with his rock hard sausage after that and came right inside of my little caramel ass! He told me that next time I can use the vibrator on him if I wanted to. How fun does that sound <giggles> Oh Daddy, gotta love him! 🙂

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