Your Tax Refund

I just wanted to take a minute and let you know what I think you should be spending that tax refund on. Do you have any ideas? Oh i’m sure you do. Let me tell you whatever you are thinking is wrong. You should be spending that money on me. I am a real and sexy woman. I am the woman you dream about. I am the perfect arm candy. Buy me some new sexy lingerie to wear for you. Buy me a sexy little black dress and I will wear it out with you. Everyone will look and admire the man with me on his arm. I am smart and funny too. I can light up a room and carry a conversation for more than five minutes. I am worth your tax refund and then some. You want to have a woman like me and keep me? Then take that tax refund and spoil me. If you decide to spend your money wisely I can take very good care of you. I have been given this beautiful body and I know how to use it. C’mon baby, cum and spoil me. I can make it worth your while 😉

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