Snow White and her 7 Dwarfs!

Snow White is hiding from this evil queen and she has her seven dwarfs protecting her. Well all of them being together in one room for so long has awakened Snow White’s sexual appetite. She is looking at the seven dwarfs thinking I want them all!!! I HAVE to have them! So she asks one of them to come over to her and she plants a big wet kiss on him. He asked her what she was doing and she said she wanted him, it has been too long! Actually I want all of you! I have to have your dwarf cocks! So she tells them all to strip down and when they do she starts taking turns sucking on their cocks, getting them nice and hard! Then she wanted a nice dwarf gang bang. So she has them start taking turns fucking her dripping wet pussy. I want to be your cum slut, I want you to cum all over me! So as each of them got ready to cum they pulled out of her pussy and came all over her body! She had just gotten her sexual appetite relieved when she ate the poisoned apple that bad queen left her. It put Snow White to sleep and the only way she could wake up would be by a kiss and a good fuck by a nice handsome prince. Finally the prince found her and gave her a big wet kiss and she woke up! He was so sexy she new she had to have him too! So she grabbed him and started kissing him passionately and moved her hand down to his pants and felt his hard meat stick. She pulls it out and says she wants to fuck him! So he lifted up her dress and pulled her panties to the side and put his meat stick deep into her wet pussy and started fucking her!

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