You Want The Late Night Package?

fantasy phone sexOh, baby are you looking for a special treatment tonight? I would love to take very good care of you. I am also a very horny girl so I can offer you a discount. We have a special late-night package tonight. It offers the around the world treatment. Does that entice you? Would you like to make that purchase? Of course, you do, let me lead you back to the room and you can get undressed and put on this robe.

I will be running your bath water. It is the perfect temperature for you, and I take your hand and remove your robe and show you the stairs to enter the bath. I grab my oils and sponges and soaps and set them beside you. Then I take off all my clothes. My little tight perky tits and bald pussy join you. You sit back and relax while I wash you. I sit behind you and wash your back. My little hands rubbing up and down your back and around to your stomach. Then down between your legs. I reach for you cock and start stroking you. You feel my tiny perky nipples and wet bald cunt rubbing against you. I then stand and move in front of you and sit. I open my mouth and put your big cock inside my mouth. Does that feel good baby? I am only getting started. You want the late-night package too love?

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