Welcome Home Big Brother!

College Coed Sex

Getting creampied by my brother is the hottest thing I can think of! Sometimes when he comes home from college I lay around in my sexy lingerie waiting for him to walk in with his usual bag of laundry. I always run into his arms when I see him, wrapping my lags tightly around him and kissing him passionately. It only takes a second for his blood to start rushing to his cock from being so close to me. I begin to grind my hips against his as I kiss him and suddenly I am being spread out on the kitchen counter. He starts by licking my pussy, making sure I am wet enough for his fat cock to penetrate me deeply. This time was different, instead of fucking my pussy until I came, he started fingering my ass at the same time. It was all too much, I came all over his dick, I felt him unload inside me at the very same time I squirted, It was an excellent welcome home present!

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