You Need Me To Jerky You?

fantasy phone sexHe come in for the special. You know the special. The special with the happy ending. He always requests me, and I love to please him. He pays extra and I give him massage naked. My soft tight body rubbing up against him as I give him massage. I put oil on his body and make him nice and soft and slick. My hand reaches under the towel, and I rub his ass. Sticking my finger inside his tight asshole and giving him a little finger play. He tightens his ass and makes a moan. I tell him to turn over. I can see his cock is very hard and the towel is sticking up, like a teepee. He tells me to come closer to his mouth. My tiny perky tits rubbing against his chest as he whispers into my ear that he wants me to jerky jerky him. I smile and tell him of yes, I will jerky jerky him. I rub and stroke his cock until I feel the precum. I then whisper if he would like to upgrade? I let him cum in my mouth for more money. He shakes his head yes and I take his dick deep in my mouth and swallow all his warm salty cum. I have an appointment available. Would you like me to jerky jerky you too baby?

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