Prom Night

Big Tit PhotosMy brother and I have always been so close, When he went away for college and I was still finishing High School it was a really hard time for my young cunt. I fucked a lot of guys in school but no one filled me like Jacob. I missed him every day and I didn’t have anyone who I really liked to take with me to prom. I chose some guy from the football team to take me and knew that I would probably have to fuck him at the end of the night. I got dressed up and went to the prom but my heart was still with my brother. My date ended up following this other girl around all night, I drank from my flask and decided to leave. As soon as I stepped outside of the hotel I saw my brother sitting on the hood of his beautiful Dodge Camaro, waiting for me with a single red rose. My heart skipped a beat and I ran into his arms, I knew that night we would get a room and fuck until the sun came up. As soon as we got to our room Jake unzipped my dress and helped me take off my stockings. He kissed me passionately and immediately started eating my pussy. As he licked between my folds I felt completely like his perfect fucking companion, I fell hard for him all over again. I couldn’t wait anymore, I pushed him back on the bed and slid his cock inside me deeply. I came almost instantly as I rode him, felt him holding onto my hips for dear life and knew his first orgasm of the night was going to be inside my wet cunny. Jake flipped me over so he could slam into me doggy style, it was heaven. His balls smacked against my clit making me squirt all over his cock, he didn’t stop fucking my pussy for a second, he grabbed my tits and came deep inside me. I had never dreamed of such a perfect prom night!

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