Wrong Restroom!

So, funny story right! I walked into the restroom to take off this irritating bra I had on. I mean of course you guys wouldn’t know but the under wire is fucking annoying! I’m minding my business, taking off my bra and in walks the most sexiest guy I’ve ever seen! My first instinct was to say what the hell are you doing!  And well, that’s exactly what I did. He laughed a little and said I was in the guy’s restroom. I walked out to see if he was telling the truth and he was! I was so embarrassed! I walked back in, and he had his dick out… now something tells me that he wasn’t seducing me but I took it as my chance to be a nasty little slut that I was born to be! I got down on my knees and told him I would show him how much I was sorry for cussing him out. He told me he really needed to pee, and I told him don’t be shy… I’ll be your very own toilet slut! I opened up wide and let me take a big long leak in my mouth. I drank down all that golden pee and beg for more. When he finished he made sure he fucked my little mouth. He had never did anything like that before but a dirty bitch like me deserved it! I as being such a nasty whore I forgot all about my bra! I think I left it in the guy’s restroom! OOPS!

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