Worked Up And Left Wet

Phone sex

Summer is almost over but there is still time for one last swim.
I have this secret place that I go and no one knows about it!
I never wear a suit when I swim. I know you get wet with or without one and most of the time, there isn’t much to them anyway. But there is just something about the freedom of it as I feel that water rolling over every curve and crevice of my body!
As I am stripping down to jump in, I hear this rustling in the bushes. I catch a glimpse of these two guys ducking really fast so they wouldn’t get caught peeping!
Oh this is going to be so fun!
I love being watched so I pretended I didn’t see them and slowly, walked into the water, intentionally teasing them with every step!
I splashed around like a little girl, laughing by myself and having fun and jumping high out of the water so they could get a good look at my dripping round tits!
I guess they needed an invitation so I finally called out, “Hey boys! Come on in and play!”
My young pussy was already getting wet! There is nothing like the feeling of burying a hard cock in a creamy hot pussy when you are in a cold fresh water lake! Every single bit of your body is chilled while my hot cunt wraps around your meat, squeezing it tight and pulling it deep inside.
They two boys finally came out of hiding with their dicks in their hands and cum all over their shorts!
It was cute and I just smiled at them as they ran away.
But I got myself all worked up for a good fuck by the lake and there is no one to take care of me! This is why I love older men! They know what a girl wants and how to give it to her!


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