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Cock Hungry Kitty

My tight wet pussy ahs been so twitchy lately!

Daddy has been watching me flirt with all these men around and his cock gets so hard just thinking about a giant dick fucking my young smooth cunt!Phone Sex

He tries to warn me but I don’t listen!

I can’t help it! I am aching to be fucked hard all the time!

So it finally happened…he caught me with his friend!

Daddy had some buddies over and well, of course I was teasing the hell out of them…sitting in their laps, wiggling my almost bare ass on their swelling cocks.

Then one finally excused himself to go to the bathroom and then found me in my room!

He said he was going to give me what I was begging for!

Just as soon as he forced his thick throbbing dick in my tight pussy, Daddy walked in!

His friend got all nervous and left and that is when Daddy said he was going to finish the job!

He turned my small body over and grabbed my ass and plowed my wet cunt with every inch of his massive fuck stick!

It was like he was spanking my pussy from the inside out!

Since then, we have been starting and ending our day with a nice hard pounding…just to make sure my hungry kitty gets fed!

But just between you and me….it’s not enough! I need more! And Daddy is about to leave so this cat is going on the hunt for some long dripping meat!

Born To Be Fucked

Phone Sex ShylaI may not have been born a cock loving slut but I did come by it honestly!

My mother left us to be a hooker because she loves dripping dicks so much and Daddy slams his cock into every tight hole he can find…including mine!

So I guess you can see it has always been in me!

But there is no cock stretching this pretty pussy out right now and I need to do something about that!

You know a born cum addict like me can’t go without a fix for long and it has been almost an hour since I have had a thick throbbing dick fill my smooth silky honey pot!

It wont take long!

The second you feel this slippery warm pink pussy gently squeezing that long hard cock, slowly pulling it in deeper, inch by inch…you will feel like you want to explode!

It is like my tight smooth cunt is trying to suck the cum right out of that meaty rock hard cock!

So please baby!

Please fuck my dripping wet cunt!

I will beg if you want me to!

Just fuck me good and hard and make me scream your name!

Riding His Cock All The Way To Cum Town

I spent the night at my besties house this weekend and got the fucking of a lifetime!Phone Sex

Who knew her dad was so hot!

I knew he was watching me so of course I teased him as much as possible, shaking my hot little ass, bending over in front of him, letting my bikini top slip every time I jumped for the beachball!

I could almost feel the aching in his hard cock and my tight young pussy was craving a thick daddy tube steak!

I tried to wait until everyone left the holiday party but my lustful urges can not be contained.

I needed to get him alone, so I told him I was getting a little sunburned and asked if he had any aloe.

He got the hint and took me by the hand to his room where I shut the door and locked it!

He knew I wanted his hard cock and he didn’t even try to tell me no.

I had his shorts off and his hard dripping cock in my mouth in seconds!

It was so naughty but it was so hot!

By the time his wife was looking for him, he was balls deep inside my tight shaved pussy and I was riding that cock all the way to cum town!


Daddy’s Anal Cum Slut

Phone Sex ShylaMy ass is so sore, I can hardly walk!

I was playing with my toy when daddy came in and caught me!

I was so horny and he was busy in the garage and my tight pussy was just dripping to be fucked!

So I went to my room and started rubbing my wet clit with my vibe while I played with my perky round tits!

It felt so good, I forgot that I was trying to be quiet and I pushed that hard vibrator deep and hard into my smooth tight pussy!

I let out a yell and that is when daddy walked in!

He hates when I play with my pussy without him so I thought he would be mad but I saw his rock hard cock bounce when he slid his pants down!

He came over and pushed my knees up behind my ears exposing the toy in my cunt and the juices that were running down between my ass cheeks!

He had no intention of removing that toy when he slammed his meaty cock through my pussy juices into my tight ass!

He was pushing that vibe further into my exploding pussy and drilling my puckered fuck hole at the same time!

He fucked my ass so hard, I can barely walk!


Daddy’s Girl Is Growing Up

Phone SexDaddy used to bounce my small body up and down on his lap until his cock would drip!

Then he would take me to his room and run his giant hands over my underdeveloped chest, asking me if I wanted to touch his magic pee pee!

He would always make sure my velvety smooth soft pussy was nice and wet before he forced his massive head between my lips and deep inside my tight kitty!

He would thrust all his meat in and out of my tight young fuck hole until he filled me dumped his hot creamy load seep inside me!

Then when he was sliding my little cotton panties back on, he would tell me that I was his special girl and not to tell mommy how much daddy loves me, that it was our little secret!

He loved me for years, and as I got bigger, I learned to really, really  like the way he loved me!

My pussy would start to get wet and tingly knowing he was going to fuck me with his hard daddy cock and sometimes I would be the one sneaking into his room!

That is right!

Daddy’s little girl is growing up and she loves to have her young shaved pussy fucked!

But he isn’t home and I am so wet and horny for a deep strong pussy fucking!

The Cum He Ate From Her Cunt Was Mine

Phone sex

I love experimenting!

Daddy has a new girlfriend and I walked in on her playing with her pussy in the shower!

She didn’t even stop when she saw me, she just kept sliding her fingers deeper and deeper into her dripping wet cunt!

I turned to leave but she followed me into the bedroom and started taking off my clothes, kissing my soft lips and sucking my perky tits!

My smooth cunny was already wet before she started fingering it and and I was afraid I was going to squirt when she started grinding her trimmed muff on my bald cunt!

She slowly worked her tongue down to my dripping pussy and my back couldn’t help but arch when she eased her long fingers into my tight ass!

I begged her to stop tongues fucking me!

I knew I was about to drown her in cum!

So she slid her cunt right up to mine and I gushed sweet honey on her soft pretty lips!

Later that night, I heard her and Daddy in the bedroom. I just wonder if he knows the cum he is eating from her cunt is mine!

You Can’t Pick Just One

Phone Sex ShylaI am so completely addicted to cock!

I just can’t get enough!

Last week my Guidance counselor asked what I wanted to be when I grew up and I thought, there should be a job where you get paid to fuck because I would be a millionaire!

My hardest part is deciding how….

I mean, there is something about a big bulging cock stuffed down my throat while you are pushing my head down!

My pussy is getting that special tingle just thinking about it!

And that look on your face when you realize I swallowed all of your little swimmers…I just love that smile!Hot Ass Sex

Then there is the classic pussy, creampie fuck!

I love grinding my tight wet cunt down on a thick hard cock!

I love that full stretched out feeling when you are balls deep inside me and I am sliding my hips back and forth and I really love when you are thrusting sooo hard that my tits bounce like big water balloons!

But then there is this sweet little heart shaped ass….it always hurts just a bit at first because that big huge fuck stick fits so tight in that tiny pink rosebud!

But then I push a little more, and a little more until your hands are on my hips and you are yanking me back on that cock like a whore in heat!

I cum so hard with a ass slamming fuck session!

And there is nothing more satisfying then the feeling of hot slippery cock cream drizzling out of my tight just fucked ass!

See, with so many fuckable holes, how can you pick just one?Young Bald Pussy

Masturbating For Daddy

Phone Sex



Daddy came so hard watching me fuck myself!

He was so upset that the cable went out!

Now he couldn’t watch his baseball game on tv!

So I told him I would put on a show for him 🙂

I think he was expecting some sort of puppet show or something but he got a huge surprise when he saw me pull out my vibrator and strip out of my shorts!

I teased him a little at first, licking my fingers and playing with my clit until I was slippery wet!

Then I sucked that huge fake cock like it was dripping with yummy cum!

His cock was dripping as he watched me and stroked it slow and hard!

Then I pushed the head of that fake cock deep in my pink wet pussy!

Hot Squirting Pussy






I couldn’t help but scream a little!

It felt so good!

And the more I fucked my tight smooth pussy, the harder and faster Daddy stroked his big strong cock!

He watched my favorite toy slide in and out of my young kitty over and over until I couldn’t take it anymore!

He told me to cum for him…as if I could stop it!

My pussy juices came squirting out hot and fast and when Daddy saw that he lost it!

He came hard all over my pink velvet lips, covering me with creamy warm cum!

I think we may have started a new pregame tradition!


Shyla Doesn’t Share Well

Phone SexDaddy loves eating this sweet tight pussy!

He says it tastes better than sugar!

I have to admit, I do enjoy licking my fingers clean after sliding them deep into this sticky wetness!

Normally I have daddy’s strong tongue and beefy cock all to myself, and that is the way I like it!

But last week was Daddy’s and mom’s anniversary and she was all over him!

So I sent her to the spa and told her she needed to look very pretty for him….not that it would matter.

I started slurping on his big meaty cock the second the door closed behind her!

I loved stroking his hard dick and sucking on it like it was candy!

I got him so hard that he almost exploded as soon as I squeezed him tight with my juicy bald pussy!

But I wouldn’t let him cum! Not yet!

I sucked and fucked him for hours, letting him force his fat bulging cock into every possible fuck hole!

Then just when I heard her pull in the drive, I started grinding down on his hard juicy meat!

I was begging him to fuck me harder! Screaming for him to pound my young pussy and fill it full of cum!

And he did!, He drained every drop from that cock and mom saw the entire thing when she walked in!

I sat on top of dad’s used meat and told her that if she wanted a taste of that delicious creamy load, she was going to have to suck it from my dripping cunt!

Happy Anniversary mom!

Daddy’s Horny Cock Tease

Phone SexYesterday was so warm so it was a perfect pool day!

Daddy also had some of his friends over so it was an excellent day to be showing some tits and ass!

They were all on the back deck, drinking and talking about guy stuff when I came out in my tiny bikini.

Daddy give me a playful slap on my half bare ass and told me not to burn it and I swear I saw a few cocks spring into action!

So I picked my lounge chair and started rubbing baby oil all over my tight young body…even under my suit because you just never know!Young Bald Pussy

You could have heard a pin drop as they all watched me spread that slippery oil high up my thighs as I spread my legs real wide and got that soft tender crease between my smooth young pussy and my tender thigh.

I stood up and started to oil my ass and I could see them all watching!

I know I should feel bad for teasing all those men, but a man always looks sexier with a giant bulge in his shorts.

And besides, at least one guy got lucky that night with my tight wet pussy stroking the cum from his cock…but that is mine and daddy’s little secret! Sshhh!