I Will Tease You, Then I Will Deny you of Pleasure…

I am a tease.  I know how to bring you to a heightened state of arousal and then give you sexual torture!  I can keep you in this condition for a very long time.  Once you are ready to explode, I give you a taste, then, I deny you of pleasure.  I will tease your erection, only allowing you to enjoy the sensation of touch for a brief moment.  I will put my soft lips and tongue on your flute, but only for a brief moment.  You will moan in agony, feeling my hot breath upon your arousal.  I will only let you sniff the sweet scent of my strawberry, only to pull away and continue the sexual torture.  I will allow you to enter me, but only for a brief moment, only to stop you, continuing to deny you of pleasure.  When I finally do decide to allow you to release, it will be on my condition, only.  I control your orgasm.  I am the queen of sexual tortureTease and Denial Phone Sex is my specialty.


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