Submissive Phone Sex Leads To Wild Weekends

Submissive Phone SexSubmissive Phone Sex definitely leads to wild weekends for me from time to time.  I either have a surprise bag of coke brought to me, or I call my drug dealer and have him bring me a bag that I fuck him for because I don’t have and cash on hand to pay him.  After my Friday afternoon fuck, I did a few lines of coke – I got a call from a guy who likes to have hot phone sex every Friday afternoon.  My oldest came home from school earlier than I realized, and he realized I was high.  He knows I am so fucking horny when I’m high, so he came over to the couch and knelt down in front of me. I asked how his day went and he answered by ramming two fingers up my cunt and started licking and biting my clit.  I threw my head back and bucked up against his face as hard as I could.  I came so hard all over his face, as he raised up he grabbed my hair and forced me to the floor on my hands and knees.  He mounted me like any strong bull would and rammed his young hard cock into my pussy so relentlessly hard that I came again all over his cock.  My orgasm grabbed his cock and made him blow his wad inside me, as he finished he asked if this was what Fetish Phone Sex was about.  I simply said “Yes!”  I look forward to teaching him so many new things.

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