Another One Gets Addicted!

It’s Halloween and Big Ben and I are out on another recruiting spree. We are on a mission to make very sexy female here at Fuckalicious addicted to his giant beautiful cock!  We picked Jessica tonight. She has these huge tits that would look so good with Ben’s monster cock sliding in and out! I told her all about his huge cock and how amazing it is. She didn’t believe me…. She just had to see for herself and I was glad to show her! I whipped out his big yummy cock and Jessica’s eyes almost popped out of her head! I TOLD YOU SO!

Boy! It was so much fucking fun with Me Ben and Jessica! While the brats were out trick or treating. Jessica and I had our very own super duper blow pop to gobble up!  Both of our mouths were glued to his cock and big juicy balls. We even fucked ourselves with double headed dildos but they were no match for that big horse dick between his legs! We had Ben nice and ready to fuck the shit out of us and so he did!

Jessica is now addicted but it doesn’t stop here…. we have more to recruit! All Hail Big Dick Daddy!!

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