Look Bitches! I am Mistress Suzi, Goddess of Pain. I am ALWAYS looking for new slaves that will serve me well. I feel that it is my job to train you right and mold you into the little bitches you all are. I will want to bend your ass over and have you take it like a good bitch. Plus I will be whipping you hard core until you bleed. After I am done tearing you a new asshole I want you to get on your knees and beg me to be my bitch. If you impress me enough with you worshiping me … I might decide to make you my bitch slave. If I choose you, you better be still on your knees bowing before me as I piss all over your face and make drink it to show your loyalty to me. After all, I need to mark my property, my little PEE-ON BITCH! 

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