Track Star

I love being a track star for my high school. I think I look really cute in my sport bra and my tiny fitting shorts that I wear for running while I am at track practice after school. After school, if the is no practice, there is a beautiful park in my neighborhood that I love taking sprint laps around. One late afternoon, I was running in the park when I suddenly tripped and fell on the brick path. When I hit the ground I hit my head pretty hard and laid there in a daze as blood streamed down my face from where i hit my head. Moments later a tall man picked me up quickly and took me away from the path in a ditch behind some bushes. I asked him where he was taking me and he whispered ” You will see.” When laid me down he told me to be quite and to take my shorts off. I was scared and told him no. Right after I said that to him, he smack me in the face. I was dizzy again and he quickly pulled out a roll of duck tape and started to tape my hands together. I began to cry and begged him to stop. He responded in my ear ” Shut up you little slut!” and licked the blood off that streamed down my face from where I hit my head, when I fell to the ground earlier. I started to scream and he quickly taped my mouth shut. Then he ripped off my shorts and panties to expose me for his pleasure. He quickly pulled his pants down and whipped out his huge penis. I was scared and tears stream down my cheek. He placed my legs up over my head and held them down as he was ramming me deep and hard. I was so over whelmed and terrified at the moment I could not move and kept crying. Moments later he smacked me again in the face and said ” Be a good little slut, take it and quit your bitching !” I stopped my crying and he continued to pound me into the ground. He stopped to spit on my little cunny and then took his thumb and start to finger it. At first, I became even more frighten and disgusted when he did that to me. However, moments later my little cunny became wet and I didn’t want to admit it that I was starting to feel really good. Oh no, I was so confused between being scared and aroused at the same time. I just could NOT fight the good feeling that he was doing to my little cunny. So I started to quiver and moan softly. My attacker noticed I was getting turned on so he started fucking me harder and HARDER! OH MY GOD! It felt so good to the point I came all over the place. After that he punched me in the face and said ” You loved that you little slut, didn’t you?”. He pulled out of my little cunny and started smacking me in the face with his penis. I looked away and started to cry again as he repeatedly smacked me in the face with it. He grabbed my face and held it firmly in place where he shot a HUGE, HOT, STICKY LOAD all in my eyes. It was burning my eyes and I couldn’t see. He whispered to me ” Thank you for your sweet candy, SLUT!”       

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